Benefits for Spouses and Children

Joining the U.S. Army doesn't only open up education and career options for yourself, but also for your spouse and children. There are numerous opportunities for your family while you are in the Army, including transferring some or all of your GI Bill benefits to your spouse and dependents.

Spouse Employment

Many military spouses have trouble finding and keeping work because of the mobile lifestyle that the military brings. Military OneSource has an entire section with information on Spouse Education Career Opportunities. This website provides many articles for military spouses interested in working, such as home business ideas, types of work that travel well, Federal civil service employment, as well as many other articles.
The best way to find scholarships for military family members is to do a search on the Military Community Scholarships & Financial Aid Explorer ( This website lets you search and browse a variety of scholarship and find out application dates and information, deadlines, and eligibility information. If you are looking for scholarships, here are some that you should pay special attention to:
  • MG James Ursano Scholarship Program offers assistance to children of military vets or children of those currently serving who would like to pursue a four year college degree.
  • Stateside Spouse Education Assistance Program (SSEAP)can be used stateside whether their spouse is serving active duty, retired, or deceased.
  • Overseas Spouse Education Assistance Program (OSEAP) is a program just for those that are stationed overseas, and helps military spouses prepare for careers that can be transferred when you are relocated.
  • Heroes Legacy Scholarship which is sponsored by the Fisher House Foundation, offers scholarships to both military spouses and children.
You can find a list of scholarships for children and grandchildren of veterans and a list of scholarships for spouses of vets at our sister-site More information on all these scholarships, as well as many others, is available on Share this