US Army and Military Allowances

Allowances you may receive depend on several factors including your marital status, whether or not your spouse is living with you, and your rank and where you are stationed. These are the basic allowances that will apply to most military members at one time or another. The amount shown is added to your current pay each month.

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The information contained herein was obtained from the US Government Defense Finance and Accounting Service and is freely available. While we attempt to keep the information current, we can NOT guarantee the information will be either current or correct and should be used only as a guideline for US Army pay. Use this information at your own risk.

If you are considering enlisting we strongly advise you to ask your local US Army Recruitment office for details. If you are already in the US Army or other US military service, you should check with your post Finance and Accounting office for more complete information, especially qualification requirements for the various incentives and special pay. If you are away from your post and have specific questions about your pay, you can ask the Defense Accounting and Finance Service at