Army Insurance

Active duty soldiers get many benefits for their service. There are a variety of insurance plans available by the Department of Defense.

The US Army has TRICARE for health insurance. The program is structured very much like a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). There are options structured for soldiers stationed domestically and overseas, as well as options for extended family, veterans, and young adults.

TRICARE provides for access to prescription drugs with no out-of-pocket costs by using the military pharmacy. There are also very affordable costs for receiving drugs via mail or through members of the network.

Soldiers are provided with a dental program and a family policy can be purchased from TRICARE. There is comprehensive coverage of everything from routine service and exams to root canals and braces.

Active duty personnel have access to the Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance program. This is a popular low-cost program that can provide a maximum of a $400,000 payout. There is an additional option for assistance after a traumatic injury, where the soldier is provided with a one-time payment to assist in the time of trouble.

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