Army Training : Basic Combat

US Army active duty recruits must go through Initial Entry Training (IET). To ensure that all active duty, Reserve, and National Guard prospects go through identical training for service in the battlefield, everyone attends Basic Combat Training (BCT), also known as boot camp. This first phase of IET is a 10 week crash course in what it is to be a soldier. Trainees learn about the seven Core Army Values, how to work together as a team, and vital skills. BCT is where individuals undergo continuous physical training in preparation for the physical strain of combat. One of the most essential lessons learned at BCT is self-discipline.

Basic schedule during BCT:
0500 – First Call
0530 – Physical Training (PT)
0630 – Breakfast
0830 – Training
1200 – Lunch
1300 – More Training
1700 – Dinner
1800 – Drill Sergeant time
2030 – Personal time (Yay! An hour!)
2130 – Lights-Out

Basic Training Locations:
Fort Benning, Georgia
Fort Jackson, South Carolina
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
Fort Sill, Oklahoma
Fort Knox, Kentucky

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