Step 6: Choose Your Army Job

A job in the US Army is called a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) and has a number and letter code associated with it. For example, an Infantryman is also called an 11B (eleven-bravo).

ASVAB Decides Which Jobs You Qualify For

Once you have your ASVAB scores you can choose a MOS that you qualified for. There are over 4,000 job options in the United States Army. The training you receive in the Army will be of great value to you for the rest of your life. Consider your personality, interest, background, and goals for the future.

The ASVAB is a very important test. Your scores will determine what MOSs you are eligible to apply for and will help determine your career in the military. Check out the ASVAB Basics or have a look at the required line scores for each MOS.

There are many ways to be a soldier! With over 150 MOSs, you have a wide range of careers to choose from as you serve your country and provide valuable experience that you can take home with you if you decide to go back to civilian life after your commitment is up.

You can choose from career paths including Engineering, Communications, Law, Computers, Medical, Law Enforcement, Finance, Administration, Transportation and many more. Find out more about Army MOSs and jobs to find the career you can learn and gain experience with in the army and maintain for a lifetime once you are a civilian again.

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