Montgomery GI Bill for Army Reserve

The Montgomery GI Bill is a program available to assist with educational expenses for active duty soldiers and reserve soldiers. To qualify you must sign up when you enlist (for soldiers entering before 6/30/1985 you must not have declined in writing), agree to serve at least 6 years in the Selected Reserve, and complete high school (or obtain an equivalency certificate or obtain 12 college credits). There is also an entry fee of $1,200 to be paid either $100/month or one lump sum. Benefits are available for up to 10 years after your date of discharge.

What does the Montgomery GI Bill Do For Me

GI Bill benefits can be used for many different educational programs, such as:

  • undergraduate or graduate degree
  • correspondence courses
  • technical/vocational training
  • flight training
  • certification/licensing fees

The amount paid out by the GI Bill varies according to the type of program and the course load (full-time, half-time, etc.). The current payment rates for full-time students attending college are $1,564, while a half-time college student gets $782. Rates change every October 1, with the Consumer Price Index. For more current rates, head over the this VA Page.

Montgomery GI Bill Upgrades

Once you've signed up for the GI Bill, you can increase your pay out with various 'kickers'. There are different types of kickers; for example if you qualify for the $600 kicker, your extra $600 can add $5,400 to your payout.

More Information

If you still have questions about the GI Bill, go check out our GI Bill article at our sister-site can also check out the .PDF at the bottom of this page. You can also go to the VA Rate Table to find out the most current payout rates.

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