Education Benefits in the US Army

Among the many reasons for joining the armed forces, the educational and financial opportunities the Army can open to you and your family rank amongst the most positive. These benefits are available to you during your time of service, your time in the reserves, and your life as a veteran.

Every soldier realizes how quickly weapons and equipment are developed, modified, and become obsolete. Tactics and strategies evolve and operational environments change. The key to meeting these challenges is education. An effective soldier is an educated soldier.

Every service establishes its own education programs, and U.S. Army education benefits are tailored to meet the needs of Army personnel. Additionally, these programs are designed to overcome some of the challenges of military service including frequent deployments, isolated locations, and limited access to quality educational facilities.

The US Army developed various programs to assist soldiers and their families who want to begin or complete their educations or to finish paying off their school loans.

We have an education section just for you, no matter what stage of Army service you are in:

Read on to find out about how you can let the Army improve your education and your future!

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