Kenya Army Summary

The Kenya Army is the land arm of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF). There are many ways a Kenyan citizen can serve in the KDF: as a Serviceman/woman, General Service Officer (GSO), Specialist Officer, Tradesman/woman, or Constabulary.

The primary focus is to defend the country from outside aggression, but it also serves as a disaster relief force in times of need. The breadth of the skills used by the Kenya Army is well illustrated by a look at the different army schools:

  • School of Infantry (SOI)
  • School of Armour (SOA)
  • School of Artillery
  • School of Combat Engineers (SOCE)
  • School of Ordnance (SOO)
  • School of Transport (SOT)
  • School of Signals (SOS)
  • School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (SEME)
  • Defence Forces Pay and Clerical Training School (DPCTS)
  • Defence Forces school of Higher Education (DFSHE)
  • Defence Forces Medical Training School (DFMTS)
  • Joint Helicopter Training School (JHTS)
  • Defence Forces Constabulary Fire Services Training Scool (DFSTS)
  • International Mine Action training Centre (IMATC)

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