Army Service Uniform (Blue) - Female

The new blue uniform is required for all active duty officers to be worn on appropriate occasions. This Army Service Uniform (ASU) is optional for enlisted personnel.

Dress Blue ASU
The following comprises the "Dress Blue ASU:" Army blue coat, skirt, and a long-sleeved white shirt with black neck tab. If in Army bands, honor guards, or if serving as a chaplain, then Army blue slacks are permitted while performing these duties. Both the black beret and service cap are permitted. When worn for evening social occasions, commanders may direct that headgear isn't required. Combat boots and organization items (distinctive unit insignia (DUI), Military Police accessories, and brassards) are not authorized for the dress blue ASU. Otherwise, any items permitted with the Class A uniform are permitted for the Dress Blue.

Class A ASU
The following comprises the "Class A ASU:" blue coat and skirt, a short- or long-sleeve white shirt, and neck tab.

Class B ASU
The following comprises the "Class B ASU:" blue skirt and a short- or long-sleeve white shirt. When wearing the long-sleeve shirt without a coat, the neck tab must be worn.

The new coat is a single-breasted, four-button, hip-length coat with two slanted front pockets, long sleeves, and an easy-fitting, open collar. Ornamental braid is worn on both sleeves. Officers can choose between gold bullion, synthetic metallic gold, or gold-colored nylon or rayon braid. Enlisted can only wear gold-colored nylon or rayon braid.

General officers have a 1 1/2 inch gold braid on each sleeve. Other officers have a 3/4 inch braid that is comprised on two 1/4 inch gold braids with a gap of 1/4 inch between them. Enlisted personnel wear a 1/8 inch soutache braid of gold-colored nylon or rayon on each sleeve.

Skirt and Slacks
The ASU skirt is cut to knee length. It has a three-piece front and three-piece back. The skirt is slightly flared and the zipper closure is on the left side.

The slacks will not be worn to social functions. They are only approved for wear by the individuals listed at the top of this page during the performance of their duties when the skirt isn't appropriate. The slacks are straight-legged with slightly flared bottoms. There are two side pockets and a zipper centered in the front.

The leg ornamentation varies based on rank. General officers have two 1/2 inch two-vellum gold, synthetic metallic gold, or gold-colored nylon or rayon braids, which are about half an inch apart from each other. Other officers wear a single inch-wide two-vellum gold, synthetic metallic gold, or gold-colored nylon or rayon braid. Enlisted personnel have a single inch-wide gold-colored nylon or rayon braid on their slacks.

The primary headgear for the ASU is the beret. The service hat can also be worn and may be required at the commander's discretion.

When worn, the beret is positioned so that the headband goes straight across the forehead, parallel with the ground, about one inch above the eyebrows. The flash patch should be positioned over the left eye. Excess material is draped over the right ear and should extend to between the top and middle of the ear. Soldiers may not have hairstyles that distort the shape of the beret. Soldiers are to wear the black beret unless assigned to units or positions authorized to wear the tan, green, or maroon berets. Officers and warrant officers wear non-subdued grade insignia centered on the beret flash and enlisted personnel wear their distinctive unit insignia centered on the beret flash.

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