Special Forces Qualifications

You must be or have obtained the following:

  • Active Duty
  • Male, age 20-30
  • US citizen
  • High school diploma graduate or have a GED
  • General Technical score of 107 or higher and a combat operation score of 98 on the ASVAB. General Technical is computed by adding the ASVAB score of the Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, and Paragraph Comprehension sub-tests. Combat Operation is computed by adding the ASVAB score of the Arithmetic Reasoning, Auto and Shop Information, and Mechanical Comprehension sub-tests.
  • Obtain SECRET security clearance
  • Qualify and volunteer for Airborne training
  • Complete Defense Language Aptitude Battery or Defense Language Proficiency Test
  • Score more than 60 points on each event on the APFT, minimum of 240 for your overall score
  • Complete Pre-Basic Training Task list
  • All soldiers undergo a swimming assessment of 50 meters, dressed in uniform, to determine the aptitude to learn to swim.

Additional criteria exclusive to enlisted applicants:

  • Enlisted applicants must be in the pay grade of E-4 to E-6 or E7s with no more than 12 years Time In Service (TIS) and 9 months Time In Grade (TIG).
  • Specialists, Corporals, and Sergeants who successfully complete SFAS will normally have their Retention Control Point waived to attend the SFQC. Upon successful completion of SFQC, they will be allowed continued service. Staff Sergeants approaching their RCP will not be allowed to apply. Each Sergeant First Class (SFC) must have no more than 12 years time in service and nine months time in grade when applying for SFAS and must be either airborne or ranger qualified. SFCs must also be able to PCS to the SFQC within six months of selection from SFAS.
  • Soldiers on assignment will not be allowed to attend SFAS without their branch’s prior approval. Soldiers on orders to a short tour area will be allowed to attend SFAS if a deferment is not required. These individuals will be scheduled for the next available SFQC after their DEROS. Soldiers who volunteer for SFAS prior to receiving assignment notification will be deferred to allow SFAS attendance. For SFAS graduates, assignment to the SFQC will take precedence over any assignment conflict.
  • Must have a minimum of 36 months remaining TIS upon completion of the SFQC.

Additional criteria exclusive to officer applicants:

  • Must be in the pay grade of O-1 / O-2 and be in the targeted year group for the Captains Board.
  • Have at least a SECRET security clearance prior to final packet approval and meet eligibility criteria for TOP SECRET clearance.
  • Have completed the Officer Basic Course and have been successful in your branch assignments prior to application for Special Forces.
  • Have a Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) Score of 85 or higher or a Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) of a minimum of 1/1 reading and listening score.
  • Have a minimum of 36 months remaining TIS upon completion of Special Forces Detachment Officer Qualification Course (SFDOQC).

All applicants MUST NOT:

  • Be barred to reenlistment or be under suspension of favorable personnel action.
  • Have been convicted by court-martial or have disciplinary action noted in their official military personnel fiche under the provisions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (Article 15). This provision can only be waived by the Commanding General, United States Army Special Warfare Center and School on a case-by-case basis.
  • Have been terminated from Special Forces, Ranger, or Airborne duty, unless termination was due to extreme family problems.
  • Have 30 days or more lost time under USC 972 within current or preceding enlistment.
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