Ranger Benefits and Lifestyle

Joining the 75th Ranger Regiment comes with some great benefits:

  • Nights and weekends off during regular duty
  • 30 days of leave each year, in addition to federal and training holidays
  • Opportunities to attend multiple military and civilian schools to broaden and deepen knowledge in MOS
  • Single Rangers live in new, modern, dorm-style barracks near where they work. Married Rangers can either live in military quarters on post or in the local community.
  • World-class dining facilities and gyms
  • Regularly participate in multiple, large-scale, and highly realistic training exercises that are planned up to a year in advance to allow Rangers to plan significant events in their personal life around the training schedule.

Family Life

Long planning for training schedule allows Rangers to plan out their personal life in advance and adds a bit of stability to the household. Families have access to dedicated doctors for routine care, access to special Ranger facilities, and many regimental family activities and events.

Professional Family Readiness Advisers work full-time at each regimental unit to provide families with the assistance and support needed to be prepared when Rangers are called out on a mission. Dedicated Ranger chaplains are always available for counseling and support.

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