Redstone Arsenal


Established in 1941, shortly before entering World War II, Redstone Arsenal was used to manufacture chemical weapons, incendiary devices, tear gas, and small rockets. In 1949 Redstone Arsenal became the home of the US Army Ordnance Rocket Center, and used research and scientists brought from Germany to quickly test and begin work on ballistic missiles. Research on ballistic missiles has been a major part of Redstone Arsenal's work, at various times Redstone has housed the Ordnance Guided Missile School, the Army Ballistic Missile Agency, the Army Ordnance Missile Command, and the Army Missile Command.

Today Redstone Arsenal is still at the forefront of missile research, housing the Missile Defense Agency, Missile and Space Intelligence Center, and the Marshall Space Flight Center, which is NASA's field center for propulsion development.

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Continuously provide high quality, effective, and efficient installation operations support and quality of life programs to all of Team Redstone.
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Missile Defense Agency
U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command
Ordnance Munitions and Electronics Maintenance School
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