Fort Hunter Liggett


Fort Hunter Liggett was established in 1940, as a training base for the then-imminent World War II. From 1952 to 1991, the installation was a part of Fort Ord, and used a training installation for the 7th Infantry Division and testing bed for the US Army Training and Experimentation Command.

In 1991 Fort Ord was closed, and Fort Hunter Liggett was passed to the Army Reserves, where it is mainly used for the training of National Guard and Reserve units from across the country. It is also the home to 91st Training Support Division, the 80th Training Command, and is the HQ of the Army Regional Training Center West.

Mission Statement: 
Enabling Soldiers to Prepare for War While Caring for Their Families.
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Primary Units: 
U.S. Army Combat Support Training Center (CSTC)
3rd Brigade 356th Logistical Support Battalion
7th Brigade 104th Division (Institutional Training)
31st Naval Construction Regiment
91st Division (Training Support)
Nearest City: 
King City
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