Fort Huachuca


Established if 1877, Fort Huachuca was originally built to counter the threat from the Chiricahua Indians and secure the Mexican-American border. From 1913-1923 Fort Huachuca housed the famous 10th Cavalry Regiment, also known as the "Buffalo Soldiers". During World War II, Fort Huachuca was used as a training area for the 92nd and 93rd Infantry Divisions, during this time the installation had an area of over 71,000 acres and housed about 25,000 soldiers.

After the Korean War, Fort Huachuca housed the US Army's Electronic Proving Ground, the US Army's Electronic Warfare Schools, US Army Communications Command, and 9th Army Signal Command. Today, Fort Huachuca still contains many of these same units, always pushing the technology in electronic and signals warfare. Other tenants at Fort Huachuca are the Fort Huachuca Museum and the US Army Intelligence Museum.

Mission Statement: 
The United States Army Garrison, Fort Huachuca provides the resources, services and infrastructure to support expeditionary operations for the Army while providing our Soldiers and Army Families the quality of life they deserve.
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Primary Units: 
US Army Intelligence Center
111th Military Intelligence Brigade
11th Signal Brigade
Intelligence School
Nearest City: 
Sierra Vista
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