Fort Hood


Fort Hood was first established in 1942, as a test and training center for the then-new class of armored vehicles known as tank destroyers. To train and test the vehicles and soldiers required wide-open spaces, and the initial base size of 108,000 acres gave plenty of room for maneuvering and tactics to be developed. Through the Korean conflict and the Vietnam War, Fort Hood primarily was used to train armored and infantry units for both conflicts.

Today Fort Hood houses the US Army III Corps, the 1st Cavalry Division, as well as Military Police units, Air Defense Artillery, the Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center, as well as a host of other units.

Mission Statement: 
The mission of the Garrison Command is to control the infrastructure that trains, maintains, sustains, and enables the combat units on post to project control element of the Garrison Command is Headquarters (Phantom) Command.
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Primary Units: 
III Corps
1st Cavalry Division
First Army Division West
13th Sustainment Command
3d Armored Cavalry Regiment
Nearest City: 
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I was born here!

I was born here in Fort Hood TX and I hopefully will be here for basic, It would be awesome to see the place I was born in!

RE: Ft. Hood

Ft. Hood isn't a BCT post so you won't be there for basic but you could be assigned there especially if you go Armor. If that's the case you'll go to Ft. Benning, GA for Armor OSUT with assignment at a post with Armor units. Could be Ft. Hood or about anywhere else according to the needs of the Army. You'll be given a "wish list" where you can list your preferences of duty stations.

Cheer up - you wouldn't be allowed to go home or receive visitors until Family Day close to the end of basic anyway. After BCT/AIT/OSUT you'll get a leave of 10-14 days to go home & from there you'll go to your assigned post.