Fort Benning


Fort Benning is one of the US Army's busiest facilities. It sits on the border of Georgia and Alabama, covering nearly 200,000 acres. Fort Benning is the primary training installation for all US Army infantry personnel. Enlisted infantry recruits undergo Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) in a combined fourteen-week course called One Station Unit Training.

Mission Statement: 
Fort Benning and The Maneuver Center provide Agile, Trained, Adaptive, and Ready Soldiers and Leaders for an Army at War, while developing Future requirements for the Individual Soldier and the Maneuver Force, and providing a World Class Quality of Life for our Soldiers and Army Families!
Home to
Primary Units: 
75th Ranger Regiment
3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team
3rd Infantry Division
14th Combat Support Hospital
United States Army Infantry Center and School
Airborne School
Armor Center School
Ranger School
Officer Candidate School
Maneuver Center of Excellence
Nearest City: 

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Husband and Wife

This is more of a question then a comment; If the husband is abusive to his wife and she has ask him to go to counseling and he refuse to go, and they both are in the Military what can you do about it? Can you make the husband go to counseling with the wife?

A Concern Mother for her Daughter

Re:Abusive husband

This is a strange place to post this right with a description of Army Posts, Ft. Benning in this case but here goes -

Your daughter can see a Chaplain & explain the situation to him or take it up a notch & take it to the JAG Office. If it's deemed to be a legal offense he can be given an Article 15 he can be ordered to counselling or some other form of punishment. The Chaplain can give the counselling & he probably will. He's a Commissioned Officer & can order the husband to attend. If JAG gets involved it might mean the loss of pay for him & a reduction in rank.

I'd see the Chaplain first. Otherwise it'll have to go through the chain of command. I'm not sure whether that would be his chain or hers unless they're in the same unit. The Chaplain can recommend how she should proceed. Unless he decides that it's a legal matter & a crime has been committed it'll remain private.