Camp Bullis

Mission Statement: 
Provide Training Lands, Ranges & Infrastructure in support of military operational and institutional requirements, to enable mission success on the battlefield.
Established in 1917, Camp Bullis was originally used as a small arms training base for the American Expeditionary Forces sent to Europe to fight in World War I. For World War II the camp had grown, and was used by the 2nd, 88th, and 95th Infantry Divisions for training. In 1977 the Air Force established the Air Force Security Police Training Site at Camp Bullis, and the US Army sends Infantry Medics here (from nearby Fort Sam Houston) to complete their training.
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Primary Units: 
6th Military Intelligence Batallion
321st Military Intelligence Batallion
Soldier Medic Training Site
Combat Casualty Care Course
Army Health Services Basic Officer Leadership Course
Nearest City: 
San Antonio
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