Consider Your Moving Needs

Step 2: Predict your reimbursement amount

Stop by your local Travel Management Office (TMO) or Personal Property Office (PPO) to get started. A PPO representative will cover all factors of the program in detail, and provide you with all forms and instructions you need. In terms of making money, the most helpful piece of information they will provide you is an estimate of the reimbursement you will receive for your move. To calculate this, you will need to give them an estimate of your property weight. Try to be as accurate as possible since over-estimating may result in a lower incentive. You may also be entitled to an advance operating allowance to help with your operating costs. Once you receive a reimbursement estimate, record this amount. We will show you how to receive quotes from professional movers and choose the company that best fits your move. If you have absolutely no idea how much all of your household goods weigh, you can schedule an appointment with a professional mover who will provide you a free estimate (see next step).

Step 3: Consider your Options

While you can choose to move your property with a privately owned vehicle, rent a truck, or hire your own professional mover, it is recommended to shop around and decide which option best suits your needs. Some are willing to take on the risk and responsibility of packing, loading, and hauling their belongings themselves. This strategy can be very profitable but also comes with risk of injury or damaged property. If considering this strategy, proceed with care and ask for help - any damaged or broken items cannot be claimed for replacement.

On the other hand, many people prefer to have peace of mind when moving their possessions to a new post. Arranging your own professional move can provide more time to run any necessary errands, tie loose ends, and bid farewell to friends in your current area. In addition, professional movers offer insurance for items moved. Best of all, you can still make money after arriving at your new quarters well-rested. Ultimately, you will need to decide which option is best for your situation.

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