Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor

Ordnance Corps
MOS Details
Major Duties: 

Supervises, plans, coordinates, and directs the unit, direct support and general support (DS/GS) maintenance of all mechanical equipment.

  1. Serving as principal maintenance or operations NCO in maintenance battalion or higher level organization.
  2. Supervising personnel performing the duties of—
    1. Machinist (44E4O)
    2. Armament/fire control maintenance supervisor (45Z4O)
    3. Construction equipment repairer (62B4O)
    4. Track vehicle repairer (63H4O)
Physical Profile Serial #: 
Qualifications and Prerequisites
Other Qualifications: 
  • Must hold MOS 44E, 45Z, 52X, 62B, or 63H prior to award of MOS 63Z (MSG).
  • Must hold MOS 63B, 63D, 63E, 63N, 63T, or 63Z (MSG) prior to award of MOS 63Z (SGM).
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