Imagery Intelligence Technician

Military Intelligence
MOS Details
Major Duties: 

Imagery Intelligence Technician is a warrant officer position that is responsible for providing expertise and leadership in geographic intelligence (GEOINT). They may act as the officer in charge of a team performing imagery analysis on a variety of still or video images, such as satellites and other national-level assets, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), or cockpit video from an aircraft. In addition to identifying terrain, equipment, movement and any other potential threats, they may also perform intelligence briefings of the information they uncover.

Qualifications and Prerequisites
Other Qualifications: 
  • Must be a Sergeant or above
  • Must be trained and service as a 35G (Imagery Analyst), with at least 4 years experience
  • Must have successfully completed Advanced Leader Course (ALC)
  • Must have a Top Secret clearance, and be eligible for access to sensitive compartmentalized information (SCI)
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