Heavy Construction Equipment Operator

Corps of Engineers
MOS Details
Major Duties: 

Operates crawler and wheeled tractors with dozer attachments, scoop loader, motorized grader, and towed or self-propelled scraper.

Skill Level 1 Interprets information on grade stakes. Clears, grubs, strips, excavates, backfills, ditches, stockpiles, and pushes scraper with tractor crawler. Cuts and spreads fill material with scraper. Excavates, stockpiles, backfills, and loads with loader. Scarifies, spreads, levels, and constructs V ditch with grader. Transports heavy construction equipment with tractor trailer. Assists in performance of combat engineer missions.

Skill Level 2 Constructs berm, excavates sidehills, and finishes side slopes with crawler tractor. Grades to final grade, finishes slopes, and mixes soil stabilization materials with grader. Constructs berm with scraper. Performs surface and drainage maintenance.

Physical Demands Rating: 
very heavy
Physical Profile Serial #: 
Qualifications and Prerequisites
ASVAB Minimum Score: 
90 total in GS+AS+MK+EI
Other Qualifications: 
  • Formal training (completion of MOS 21E course conducted under the auspices of the USA Engineer Center and School, or meet civilian acquired skills criteria listed in AR 601-210) mandatory.
  • Be able to visually discriminate between red and green.
  • Must possess a valid state motor vehicle operator license.
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