Dental Corps Officer

Medical Service Corps
MOS Details
Major Duties: 

A Dental Corps officer is responsible for providing health care to soldiers, their families and others eligible to receive this care in the military community. During combat, the Dental Corps Officer assists in the emergency medical management of casualties; identifies casualties through dental records and makes sure Soldiers are combat ready when it comes to their health.

Their are several areas to specialize in as a Dental Corps officer:

  • Comprehensive Dentist
  • Endodontist
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • Orthodontist
  • Pediatric Dentist
  • Periodontist
  • Prosthodontist

Responsibilities of a Dental Corps Lieutenant include:

  • Commanding and controlling the Dental Corps units during emergency and non-emergency medical situations.
  • Coordinate employment of Dental Corps Soldiers at all levels of command, from platoon to battalion and higher, in U.S. and multi-national operations.

Additional responsibilities of a Dental Corps Captain include:

  • Commanding and controlling part of a Field Hospital, installation Dental or Medical Activity (DENTAC or MEDDAC), or larger Health Services Command.
  • Coordinate employment of Dental Corps Soldiers at all levels of command, from company to division level and beyond, in U.S. and multi-national operations.
  • Develop doctrine, organizations and equipment for unique dental and health care missions.
  • Instruct dental skills at service schools and medical training centers.
  • Serve as a dental or health care advisor to other units, including Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve organizations.
Qualifications and Prerequisites
Graduate of a dental school accredited by the American Dental Association
Other Qualifications: 
  • MUST be an officer
  • Dental Officer does not attend Basic Training, but must have a valid current unrestricted license to practice dentistry in the United States, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico or a territory of the United States.

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