Airdrop Systems Technician

Quartermaster Corps
MOS Details
Major Duties: 

Airdrop Systems Technician is a warrant officer position which is responsible for providing commanders and their staff with guidance on conducting or receiving airborne or airdrop operations. They are also responsible for supervising the inspection and packing of parachutes, removing unservicable parachutes from inventory, and supervise maintenance of airdrop equipment.

Qualifications and Prerequisites
Must have six semester hours or more of English from an accredited school
Other Qualifications: 
  • Must be a sergeant or above, with at least seven years experience in MOS 92R (Parachute Rigger)
  • Must be Jumpmaster Qualified, and senior parachutist rated
  • Must successfully complete the Airdrop Load Inspectors course
  • Must have at least two years experience supervising one of the following:
    • Parachute packing
    • Repairing aerial delivery equipment
    • Rigging of loads for cargo airdrop
    • Mainting aerial delivery equipment storage warehouse
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