Barracks Living

Most single low-ranking enlisted men will start their Army careers by living in on-post barracks. While this used to be only one step up from basic training housing, today's Army standard barracks arrangement is much improved. Enlisted men generally stay in a two-bedroom apartment, with each soldier getting a private bedroom and sharing a kitchen, bathroom, and living area.

While living in the barracks, soldiers may expect to receive two types of inspections.

  • Periodic inspections may or may not be announced, and are mainly ensuring that the room is in good condition (bed made, room clean).
  • "Health and Welfare Inspections" (HWI) are never announced and usually occur around 0200 hours. They are thorough inspections for any contraband, and are usually accompanied by a urinalysis test.

At some posts, low-ranking single soldiers can elect to move off-post, but they won't receive Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). Occasionally they may even be able to live in on-post housing.

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