Omni Financial (military loans)

Omni Financial®, is a leader in the military lending market and is one of the most recognized and trusted military loan companies in the country. We have offices and representatives at major military installations across the United States and also representatives across Europe. Omni also makes military loans to servicemembers worldwide via our website.

Omni Military Loans® is a consumer finance company – NOT A PAYDAY LOAN COMPANY. We make traditional consumer loans ranging in amounts up to $10,000 with loan repayment terms from 6 to 36 months.

When you can't wait for your bank or credit union and you don’t want to turn to a high cost lender like a payday company, then Omni Financial® is a trustworthy and responsible alternative.

Our commitment to Military Lending

All of us at Omni Loans® are military lending experts. We work with you to find the loan and repayment schedule you can best afford. Unlike other military loan companies, we will evaluate all of your individual facts and circumstances to try to get the amount of money and financing that you need with a monthly payment that you can afford. If you have a good credit track record we'll be able to offer you a better rate. If you've had credit problems in the past you shouldn't worry…we've seen that before. We'll work with you.

Our people

Most of the loan specialists evaluating your loan application are former military personnel. We've been in your shoes and understand the demands of military life and the importance of fast, convenient online loans for military personnel. If you have any questions about our military lending solutions, you'll discover that we're friendly, we want to help and we will treat you with respect.

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