About Credentials

What is a credential?

Credentials are licenses and certifications that show an employer that the holder has a certain set of skills or meets a professional standard. These can either be legally required to apply for a job or may increase your chances of being hired for a job.

In addition, earning or holding credentials can help increase your income and your chances for promotion within the company.

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Can credentials help soldiers still in the military?


The Army encourages earning credentials while still enlisted, and earning certain technical credentials even give enlisted soldiers promotion points!

The earning of credentials can also help an employer more easily translate a soldiers abilities, experience, and knowledge into something the employer can understand! Demonstrating that your experience is on-par (or even better than) your civilian counterparts.

Credential Pages

Each credential entry from our Credentials Page gives specific information about the particular credential:

The Credential Issuer gives the name of the organization or group that issues the credential and the required exam(s) to obtain it.

The About Credential section will give a brief description about the professionals who should obtain and who might benefit from holding this credential.

Promotion Points will indicate if promotion points are available for enlisted soldiers that obtain this credential while in service. Generally, promotion points will be available only for MOSs listed on the page.

If College Credit is available when this credential is earned, this will be indicated here.

If GI Bill Reimbursement is available to recoup the cost of exams or other fees paid to earn this credential, that will be indicated here.

The MOS Availability list shows two things: Which MOSs provide training and/or experience that contributes to either earning this credential or meeting necessary prerequisites AND some of the MOSs given may have promotion points awarded once the credential is obtained.

The Credential Eligibility list will give a brief overview of any prerequisites required before you can take the exam.

The Exam Details section will give you an idea of what kind of exam(s) to expect - written, verbal, practical, etc.

The link at the bottom will send you to the web site of the credential issuer (if available), so you can find out more information.

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