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Our most pressing need is Marines and National Guard members who have been sent to Afghanistan (where the worst of the fighting is taking place). They are stationed deep in enemy territory where we haven't been before. The only water and supplies they have is what they can carry in on their backs. When they finally get a break and can receive mail from home, we want them to find care packages overflowing with snacks, hygiene items, DVD's and CD's, Oreos, SOCKS!! and other needed items. But, most of all, we want them to experience the love we'll be tucking inside along with cooling ties and other items. We'll be sending out extra boxes to the Marines in Afghanistan this week in addition to the 50-100 packages we normally send. That's $700-$1400 in postage and that's to send out EMPTY boxes, it takes even MORE money to fill them so....we need YOUR help. If you can help us with ANY amount, it will be very much appreciated. Please visit our site for the mailing address or PayPal link.

Thank you for having a HUGe heart for some of America's finest young men and women.

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