Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust

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The DAV Charitable Service Trust supports physical and psychological rehabilitation programs, meets the special needs of veterans with specific disabilities – such as amputation and blindness – and aids and shelters homeless veterans.

The Trust accepts gifts through workplace giving campaigns, including the Combined Federal Campaign and United Way, employee matching gift programs, and similar special giving arrangements, and provides a variety of direct services for America’s disabled veterans.

Programs supported by the Trust target several groups of physically and psychologically disabled veterans. Key programs include:

  • Helping to maintain a volunteer-operated transportation network providing rides to sick and disabled veterans needing transportation to and from VA medical centers for treatment;
  • Providing food and shelter and connecting homeless and needy veterans to essential medical care, VA benefits counseling and job training;
  • Meeting the special needs of veterans faced with specific disabilities such as blindness and amputation;
  • Supporting significant therapeutic initiatives;
  • Supporting physical and psychological rehabilitation projects aimed at some of America’s most profoundly disabled veterans; and
  • Bringing hope to the forgotten and suffering families of disabled veterans.

The Trust continues to seek new and innovative ways to make a positive difference in the lives of disabled veterans and their families through:

  • Programs ensuring quality health care for veterans,
  • Assistance to veterans suffering Post Traumatic Stress and substance abuse,
  • Programs enhancing research and mobility for veterans with amputations and spinal cord injuries,
  • Programs benefiting aging disabled veterans,
  • Evaluating and addressing the needs of veterans disabled in recent wars and conflicts, and much more, as needed.

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