White Phase/Gunfighter Phase

Recruits spend much of their time on various ranges going through marksmanship and combat training during the White or “Gunfighter” Phase. You'll start learning more about your new best friend, the M16A2, at a typical shooting range and move on to farther targets and pop-up targets. Soon, you'll segue to learning about grenades, grenade launchers, and heavy machine guns. Recruits are also introduced to anti-tank and other heavy weapons during this phase.

During the second week, recruits get practice using bayonets as part of your engagement skills. You'll also get time to practice negotiating the obstacle course. You'll run the obstacle course carrying your M16A2 Rifle and you will be expected to work as a "team" with your Battle Buddy.

Of course, during this time at boot camp, you'll continue daily PT, practice basic drill and ceremonies, and will be expected to show that you are grasping the basics of your new military life. At the conclusion of this phase, there will be several “go or no-go” tests to ensure that those recruits that aren't proficient with the weaponry will be held back and not allowed to advance to the next phase.

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