Blue Phase/Warrior Phase

Your platoon's standard bearer will now tote around a blue flag at boot camp. The third, or “Warrior,” phase will see all of your training climax with the longest tactical foot marches you've been on (10-15 kilometers with all of your equipment on your back), you'll take your final PT Test, and there will be a series of confidence tests.

Blue Phase Testing

Starting in October, 2015, the Army is adding tests at the end of each phase of training. These tests are designed to make sure every individual knows essential and practical skills that they will use throughout their military career.

Before you do the final FTX, the Company Commander will pick 20 of the following tests - you must complete at least 18 of them successfully in order to move on to FTX and then graduation. If you don't pass them, you'll get the opportunity to do Blue Phase again!

Here are the possible Blue Phase tests (some are repeats from Red and White Phase):

  • Perform functions check on an M16/M4.
  • Load an M16/M4.
  • Unload an M16/M4.
  • Unload an M249 machine gun.
  • Load an M249 machine gun.
  • Correct a malfunction of an M249 machine gun.
  • Unload an M203 grenade launcher.
  • Load an M203 grenade launcher.
  • Identify terrain features on a map.
  • Determine the grid coordinates of a point on a map.
  • Determine a magnetic azimuth using a lensatic compass.
  • Measure distance on a map.
  • Perform voice communications.
  • Report information of potential intelligence value.
  • Challenge persons entering your area.
  • Evaluate a casualty.
  • Perform first aid to clear an object stuck in the throat of a conscious casualty.
  • Perform first aid to prevent or control shock.
  • Perform first aid to restore breathing or pulse.
  • React to nuclear hazard/attack.
  • Perform first aid for a suspected fracture.
  • Perform first aid for a cold injury.
  • Perform first aid for a nerve agent injury.
  • Transport a casualty.
  • Decontaminate yourself and equipment using chemical decontaminating kits.
  • Protect yourself from Chemical/Biological contamination using your protective mask.

Field Training Exercise

One of the most important tests during the first portion of Phase 3 is the final PT test. If you don't score at least 150 points, you won't get to go on to the Field Training Exercises (FTX) with the rest of your platoon. FTX consists of various smaller situational training sessions such as Night Infiltration Course (NIC), Military Operations Urban Terrain (MOUT), a 16 kilometer road march, Combatives Training (nonlethal rifle combat techniques), Land Navigation, and “Bivouac”/camping and ties everything you've learned in BCT together. The drill sergeants will advise you (and keep you from getting hurt), but the tactical decisions will be made by the recruit platoon and squad leaders. The scenarios used for the FTX exercises vary on theme and objectives.

Following FTX, recruits have a “recovery week” to wrap up the training. There is a final fitting for your dress uniform. During this final week, recruits service and repair any items they are not taking with them. This will typically include weapons, bedding, helmet, canteen, other personally-issued items, along with ensuring the platoon barracks is in good order to receive the next wave of trainees. There is also some practice for the graduation ceremony scheduled at the end of the week.

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