How the ASVAB influences your Army Career

The ASVAB not only determines your aptitude to enlist in the US Army and the other branches of the military, it also finds which vocational skills and knowledge are your strengths and weaknesses. Below are some basic formulas showing which sub-tests in the ASVAB coincide with several career specialties in the US Army.

Career MOS ASVAB Tests That Are Important
CL - Clerical 2(PC+WK)+AR+MK
CO - Combat Operations AR+AS+MC
EL - Electronics GS+AR+MK+EI
FA - Field Artillery AR+MK+MC
GM - General Maintenance GS+AS+MK+EI
GT - General Technical 2(PC+WK)+AR
MM - Mechanical Maintenance AS+MC+EI
OF - Operators and Food 2(PC+WK)+AS+MC
SC - Surveillance and Communications 2(PC+WK)+AR+AS+MC

As a reminder, below is a listing of the sub-tests and their initials:

ASVAB Sub-test Content
GS General Science
AR Arithmetic Reasoning
WK Word Knowledge
PC Paragraph Comprehension
MK Mathematics Knowledge
EI Electronics Information
AS Auto and Shop Information
MC Metal Comprehension
AO Assembling Objects

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