The Mobile Examination Test site (MET-site) version of the ASVAB is taken at the recommendation of your recruiter. This is a multiple choice test where you write your answer in pen or pencil on a separate answer sheet which will be scanned. Unlike the CAT-ASVAB, changing answers is possible. You have a limited time to finish answering the various sections and must remain where you are when you are finished. Plan on spending 3-4 hours at the MET-site when taking this version of the ASVAB. Blanks count as wrong answers, so guess instead of leaving answers blank.

The MEPS test admin will give you a sealed envelope with your unverified test scores. Once your sheet has been evaluated by MEPS (usually takes a few days), a verified score will be sent to your recruiter.

Dissecting the MET-site ASVAB's Sub-tests:

Sub-test name (initials) time limit
number of questions description
General Science (GS) 11 25 life science, earth/space science, and physical science
Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) 36 30 ability to solve basic math problems
Word Knowledge (WK) 11 35 understanding the meaning of words through synonyms
Paragraph Comprehension (PC) 13 15 ability to discern info from written materials
Mathematics Knowledge (MK) 24 25 math concepts and applications
Electronics Information (EI) 9 20 electrical current, circuits, devices, and electronic systems
Auto and Shop Information (AS) 11 25 automobile maintenance and repair, wood and metal shop practices
Metal Comprehension (MC) 19 25 principles of mechanical devices, structural support, and properties of materials
Assembling Objects (AO) 25 15 discerning the construction of objects
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