The Computer Adaptive Test-ASVAB (CAT-ASVAB) is currently the test most military recruits take before enlisting. This is an automated test administration system given at MEPS and is used for enlistment purposes only. Test scores are good for two years.

The CAT-ASVAB takes about 90 minutes. While there is a time limit, you are allowed to progress through the test as quickly as you wish and can leave the testing area as soon as you are done. The test covers the same sub-tests as the MET-site and Student ASVAB except the CAT separates the Auto Shop section into two
sub-tests - Auto Information and Shop Information.

The test responds to the test taker's answers. If a correct answer is provided on a question, the next one will be harder. If the test taker's answer is incorrect, an easier question is offered up next. Because of this, answers cannot be changed.

Dissecting the CAT-ASVAB's Sub-tests:

Sub-test name (initials) time limit
number of questions description
General Science (GS) 8 16 life science, earth/space science, and physical science
Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) 39 16 ability to solve basic math problems
Word Knowledge (WK) 8 16 understanding the meaning of words through synonyms
Paragraph Comprehension (PC) 22 11 ability to discern info from written materials
Mathematics Knowledge (MK) 18 16 math concepts and applications
Electronics Information (EI) 8 16 electrical current, circuits, devices, and electronic systems
Auto Information (AI) 6 11 automotive maintenance and repair
Shop Information (SI) 5 11 wood and metal shop practices
Metal Comprehension (MC) 20 16 principles of mechanical devices, structural support, and properties of materials
Assembling Objects (AO) 16 16 discerning the construction of objects
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