Two-Mile Run

The two-mile run tests your cardiorespiratory (aerobic) endurance and the endurance of your leg muscles. You are to complete the two miles as quickly as you possibly can.

You and a group of ten or less soldiers will line up behind the start line. When given the command "Go," you start running. You set whatever pace you like. Walking is allowed but is strongly discouraged. If you are physically helped in any way or leave the designated running course for any reason, you will be disqualified. It is fine for you to pace with another soldier or for the scorers to run near you and cheer or announce elapsed time, as long as no physical contact is made. You must ensure that the number on your chest if visible at all times. As soldiers approach the finish line, the supervisor will call out the time in minutes and seconds. When you are finished with the run, you will need to leave the running area and wait at the cool-down and stretch area.

After you have completed the two-mile run, the scorers will evaluate your performance and determine your APFT scores.

Scoring Table for Two-Mile Run

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