When all three events have been completed, the scorers will take the information from your scorecards and compare it to the physical fitness standard tables they have for each event.

Scoring Tables for Push-ups
Scoring Table for Sit-ups
Scoring Tables for Two-Mile Run

Scoring Tables for Alternate Aerobic Events

Let's say you are a 26 year old male and you did 54 push-ups, 82 sit-ups, and ran the two miles in 15:15. Look on the tables for each event for the column pertaining to 26 year old males. The 54 push-ups give you a score of 76. The 82 sit-ups is two above the maximum of 80 sit-ups, so while your official score will be 100, you are also given an unofficial score of 102 (100 for maximum score, plus 2 for going 2 above the maximum number). Unofficial scores are sometimes used by commanders for special rewards and incentives for the extra effort. Finally, the 15:15 is slower than the 15:12 mark on the table, so your score comes from the next higher level on the table (in this case, 15:18). You will receive 74 points for the two-mile run. Add up the three event scores for your total (in this case, 250 for your official score or 252 for your unofficial score) out of the 300 potential total points.

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