Retaking Fitness Test

If you start an event incorrectly, the scorer must stop you before you complete ten repetitions. The scorer should tell you what mistake(s) you made. You will then be sent to the end of the group line to wait for your next chance to try the event.

A soldier that has problems such as muscle cramps while performing an event may assume an official rest position. If you rest in an unauthorized position, your attempt will be terminated. If you continue after resting, you will receive credit for all successfully completed repetitions done within the two-minute period for that event. If you quit, then the number of correctly completed repetitions up to that point are counted. If the threshold of ten repetitions hasn't been met, the soldier will be sent to the end of the line to attempt it again. However, soldiers that are unable to reach ten correctly-performed repetitions because of low fitness levels will not be allowed to retake the event.

Anyone who fails any or all of the events must perform the entire APFT program again. It is possible for commanders to reschedule the testing as soon as the soldier and commanders feel that they are ready. If you don't have a medical profile, you will be retested in not-later-than three months from the date of the initial failure.

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