Three Events of APFT

On test day, you will be assembled and briefed about the scorecard, scoring standards, and sequence of events. You will fill out your scorecard, which you will carry to each event during the test. Scorers will put your raw score and their initials on the card before returning it to you after each event. You will then be split into groups for testing.

The test is always provided in this order:

  1. Push-ups
  2. Sit-ups
  3. Two-mile run (or alternate aerobic event)

You will have between 10-20 minutes between each event to recover. This will likely depend on the number of soldiers being tested. If there is a large number of soldiers taking the event, the starting times will probably be staggered to allow the proper intervals between events. The APFT will not be considered valid if a soldier cannot begin and end all three events in two hours or less.

Video summary of soldiers undergoing the APFT:

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