Alternate Aerobic Events for APFT

If you have a permanent or a long-term (more than three months) temporary medical profile and cannot perform the full, three-event APFT, these are the four alternate aerobic events:

  • 800-yard-swim test
  • 6.2-mile stationary bicycle ergometer test
  • 6.2-mile bicycle test on a conventional one-speed bicycle
  • 2.5-mile-walk test

These events aren't scored. They are all pass/fail events where you must score better than a certain time to pass.


You start this event in the water (no diving) with your body in contact with the wall. You will be allowed to get acclimated to the water and get warmed-up. On the command, "Go," you start swimming any stoke (or combination of strokes) that you wish. You must touch the wall of the pool at each end of the pool. Any type of turn is permitted. It is fine for you to walk along the bottom to recuperate. Wearing goggles is permitted for this event.

6.2-Mile Stationary-Bicycle Ergometer

For this event, the bicycle is set with a resistance of two kilopounds (20 Newtons). On the command "Go," you will begin pedaling until you reach 6.2 miles (10 kilometers) on the bicycle's odometer. You will be allowed a short warm-up period and will be allowed to adjust the seat and handlebar height.

6.2-Mile Bicycle

Your bicycle will be set on one gear setting. Gears cannot be changed once the event has begun; doing so will disqualify you. Soldiers will pull their bikes to the start line and await the command to go. Once the event is underway, you are to continue pedaling until the 6.2 miles has been reached.

2.5-Mile Walk

This event takes place at the same location where the 2.5-mile run is conducted. Soldiers line up at the start line and begin walking when provided the command, "Go." You can go at your own pace, but you will be disqualified if you commit either of these infractions:

  1. You break into a running stride.
  2. Both feet are not in contact with the ground.

When the event is over, your times are compared with the times on the Alternate Test Standards table to determine if you passed or failed.

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