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I am interested in commissioning. I have been doing a lot of research on the Army. I have learned that the Army has just changed their physical training program this year. Some have said that it now incorporates yoga and pilates. I saw a quote from Lt. Gen. Hertling who is head of the Army Training and Doctrine Command, confirming that it is yoga and pilates like.

My question is what aspects of yoga are in the new training? Poses, breathing excercises, and meditation?

Thank you for any information.

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MSG Glenn
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@ tanblur

I don't think this new physical training has been fully instituted by the Army yet - if it ever will be. The main staples remain running, sit-ups & push-ups with ruck marches, pull-ups Army Combatives (a mixed martial art-type of weaponless combat). That's enough to keep the average Soldier busy enough along with combat training, rifle marksmanship, equipment maintenance, schools, job skill training & day-to-day operations of the Army. That's not saying that yoga & pilates aren't being done. I haven't heard a thing about it on any Army site I've been on nor have I heard of any details what this new training include. What it sounds like to me is someone thought this would be a good idea to include this but it either hasn't gotten off the ground yet or someone has yet to write a training manual on it for uniformity's sake. Personally I can't see a Combat Arms Soldier or a Ranger or Special Forces Soldier being involved in this. It would be impractical with all of the other training they have to accomplish before a deployment or refresher training after coming back. Many Soldiers need to learn about other methods of combat that they aren't presently doing in Afghanistan so they're ready for any contingency. There's just so much time available for all of this. Then there are always the safety briefings, EO training, learning the methods the enemy has developed recently & how to react/counter react, etc.

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Thank you very much for your

Thank you very much for your reply.

I should have posted this link to this article before. it has the quote from Lt. Gen. Hertling who is, I assume, responsible for the new program.

I agree with you that it just wouldn't be practical to add something so unrelated to combat into training.