Would Q from the James Bond franchise be a 92A or a 92Y?

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Quick Sand
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Just thought I would post this for fun it's a debate I often have with the 92Ys in my unit as a 92A I support that Q would be one of us since he handles the British Intelligence supply on a larger scale although the 92Ys seem to think they work with ammunition and weapons more so than us. It is an interesting debate I would like to hear from other military personnel who have knowledge of these two MOS's I mean who wouldn't want to classify one of the most famous Quartermaster figures in film.

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MSG Glenn
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He'd be a high-ranking Officer, MOS non-specific. As I remember, he's an Admiral either retired or on civilian assignment. He has "people" to handle the nuts & bolts. His job would probably be a mix of our Director of the CIA, Director of ONI & Director of NSA. As an Admiral or a Director he'd give his orders "007 needs a new car with the capabilities of (fill in the blanks)" & his "people" would see to it. The original CDR James Bond - the book Bond, not the movie Bond - didn't have nearly as many bells & whistles & had to rely on his wits more like our present day field operators & back then the technology was nowhere near what it is today so therefore much less need of an equipment supply - just good intel. For crying out loud - he originally used a .32 cal Walther PPK. Which present day Quartermaster would supply a top agent with that!? lol. At least the Quartermasters wised up later by issuing him a 9MM Walther P99 with a 16 round magazine (hopefully with a supply of hollow point ammo) as opposed to 8 rounds in the PPK (probably full metal jackets).

I think I read every original Bond book - the ones actually written by Ian Fleming, not these modern day impostors that made 007 look like a cross between Chuck Norris, Randy Couture & Mr. Wizard.