will PT Failure equal loss of GI BILL?

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I am a NCO and I have been in The Mississippi Army National Guard for 7 years now and never failed a PT test. I am currently using my GI BILL and for the last few months my chain of command all the way up to my company commander puts out every formation that if you fail your pt test you will loose your GI BILL benefits.
How is this possible?
After 3 pt failures you are Honorably discharged. simply, It is not a dishonorable discharge for pt failures. concluding, If someone does fail a PT test 3 times, they become honorably discharged. following this train of thought, the only way GI BILL Benefits are taken away is if any soldier acquired a dishonorable discharge, which cannot be done with PT failure....

I am so confused someone help me understand this logic.
how is this possible if what the senior NCO and command are telling junior enlisted is true. Are they lying somehow thinking they can improve overall PT scores for the unit? This has created overall discontent in the unit and mistrust an frankly I am concerned about my units moral. Everyone in my unit is questioning and debating This topic. All i want is simple facts.

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GI Bill

Looking around there seems to be a lot of confusion on this topic.

I found on this VA web page: http://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill/mgib_sr.asp that
"Your eligibility for the [Montgomery GI Bill] normally ends the day you leave the Selected Reserve."

According to AR 635–200 (which you can find here) Chapter 13, Section 1 subsection 13-2 paragraph e) "Initiation of separation proceedings is required for Soldiers without medical limitations who have two consecutive
failures of the Army physical fitness test".

Also, the type of discharge you can get for two consecutive failures (Chapter 13, Section 2, subsection 13-10: "The service of Soldiers separated because of unsatisfactory performance will be characterized as honorable or under
honorable conditions as warranted by their military records."

A general discharge might cause you to lose GI benefits (I don't know) but it seems that they have to show misconduct in your military record. Hope that helps!

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Thank you for the info and

Thank you for the info and for the links!