Why havent a recuiter contacted me yet

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I have all the necessary paper work as far as I know. I have 15 credit or more college hours and I havent heard from a recuiter yet can some one please tell me why.

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
Contacted a Recruiter?

Have you physically called your local Recruiting station asking to enlist or have you filled out an online request? Sometimes those don't get too much of a priority.

Recruiters are busy these days so if I were you I'd call or stop in right away. That's the surest way of getting any Recruiter to start working with you to get you enlisted.

Once that happens he'll probably give you a practice ASVAB to see where you stand. Then he'll put you on the scale to see if you meet the height/weight requirement. An appointment to go to MEPS will be made for you.

If you HAVE already called a Recruiting station & STILL haven't heard from anyone call back.

kmosley (not verified)
Thanks, I will do that. I see

Thanks, I will do that. I see where someone ask about there college credits. I was actually in the L.P.N program lacking two more quater before I can recieve my diploma. I would love to have the chance to complete my diploma or a bachelor degree in R.N. program.

MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
Tell your Recruiter what you

Tell your Recruiter what you want to do. The MOS you probably want is 68W, Health Care Specialist. Sometimes you can get an LPN program in your contract. I think it's called 68W M1. Not sure about that but you woukld take your 68W training & then go on for the additional training.

If you can get your diploma within a year after signing an Army contract you can go into the delayed entry program where you wouldn't have to leave until you have your diploma. You can be in the Delayed Entry Program (now called the Future Soldier Training Program or FSTP) for up to a year.

The Army also has some tuition assistance deals as well as your school paid for after you leave active duty & while you're on active duty you can go to civilian schools off duty to further your education & the Army will pay for a lot of it.

See a Recruiter & ask him about all of this. The Army often times needs Medics so you might be able to get some good deals. I'm not up on all of the programs the Army now offers so I'm just giving you an idea what to ask your Recruiter.