Where can i get a hold of a recruiter?

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I am planning on talking to one today if i can find one.

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How to get in touch with a recruiter

You can either pop open your phone book or Google "US ARMY recruiter" and your location and addresses and phone numbers for any local recruiters should display first in the listing.

If you don't mind waiting a few days or a week, you can fill out the contact form at http://www.armydomain.com/content/us-army-enlistment-and-education-infor....

Denoall (not verified)
Hello! I have two


I have two questions:

Everytime I search for an " Army Recruiter" is show up only " Marines Recruiter"

1.Can I do my enlistment on a Marine office? or, have to be a US ARMY office? I want to enjoy in the ARMY, but if I can do my enlistment on a Marine office might be nice. I have one is only 2 blocks away from my house.

2. If I pass the ASVAB for the US ARMY Reserve. The result works for 2 years, right? So If I decide to change from Reserve to active duty ( full - time). Do I need to retake the test?

Thanks You!

MSG Glenn
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You have to go to an Army Recruiting Station.

I advise if you want to go into the Active Duty Army you should not go into the Reserve. Some have found it difficult go to the Active Component to the Reserve Component.

The ASVAB is good for 2 years. I don't think you have to retake it if you have no break in service.

If you can't find a Recruiter try this link, fill in the form & wait awhile. Someone will contact you.