What is the required GPA to become an Army Officer?

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I recently graduated from College Fall of 2010 and i was interested in joining the military as an officer. However I've read on other forums and google searches that you need to have a specific GPA or higher to become an officer. I was hoping I could get a definite answer on this site. My GPA now is 2.4 would that be good enough to qualify for OCS?

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010

I couldn't find any Army regulation that deals with GPA for selection to OCS. I only saw where a bachelors degree is required. The only way I could see that a low GPA will keep you from being selected would be in the process of elimination during the selection process. If there are only 20 slots available with 30 candidates then it could make a difference.

Having said that OCS has as many candidates that it needs & only the best, brightest & fittest will make the cut.

Another suggestion for you is to enlist in the Army. With your degree you'll go in as an E-4. Sometime during your enlistment apply to go to OCS. The fact that you have military experience might work in your favor. There are also some Warrant Officer programs that you might want to look into.

Your best bet is to see a Recruiter. He's your best source of information. Policy changes all the time & he'd have the most updated versions. If he says it's a go for you then you'll start on your packet & that all takes time. Then you have to wait for a BCT class to open as well as OCS shortly thererafter. You could be looking at a half to a full year. This is a good time to see a Recruiter because traditionally they're slow this time of year.

GunnarSmith (not verified)
Thanks... I did see a

Thanks... I did see a recruiter this week and he told me that right now the Army raised the minimum GPA to 3.0 to go right into OCS and he said the best bet for me is to enlist as an E-4 and take some college courses while i was in the Army to raise my GPA and later on send my packet for OCS. Does anyone know if I am not able to raise my GPA any higher, would they still consider me for OCS just based on my work as an enlisted in the Army or would the GPA still prevent me from making.

MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010

I doubt it but policy changes all the time. If you can't get your GPA up then you can check into some of the Warrant Officer programs. You have to have a certain time in service, the right enlisted MOS & the right rank to apply for WOCS. As far as I know the only Warrant program that you can come into right from the civilian world is Warrant Officer Flight Training where you're trained to be a helicopter pilot.