What Can I Take To Basic?

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My Fiance got me a journal and other writing stuff. I was wondering if I could actually take those with me? I guess my main question is can I take a journal?

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010

You can take almost anything you want. What's not allowed will be placed in storage until your Drill Sgt decides you can have it or when you complete BCT.

You should receive a packing list showing what you have to have.

Curtis74 (not verified)
Thanks a lot. That takes care

Thanks a lot. That takes care of that question. :)

MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
Do Not Take...

... any weapons of any sort including small pen knives, any racy or pornographic pictures or literature.(nude photos of your wife or girlfriend is not allowed) Whatever you bring that's considered contraband you'll be able to place in an amnesty box. Then it's disposed of. That's your last chance. Any contraband that's not turned in & is found in your possession will go hard on you.

Follow the packing list, take what's necessary, then use your head on amything else.

If there's a question ask your Recruiter. It used to be that the only non-issued book you could have in your locker was a Bible. Times have changed, though. You can even take a cell phone (don't forget the charger) with you to be placed in storage until your Drill Sgt allows you to have it but it has to be turned back in probably after your weekend or day or half day off.