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Hey I'm Courtney I'm 18 and Ive been in JROTC for 3 years, let me tell you those have been the best years of my life thanks to JROTC. We were a family down there. I encourage anyone to do it, it helps a lot with building character and Leadership skills that you can apply in the real world. I Loved my JROTC instructors they helped us out a lot and gave us great opportunity's

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
Hi, Courtney

I'm glad you had a good JROTC experience.

Are you planning on enlisting in the Army or going to college first? If you're college bound you have some choices. You can find a college that has an ROTC program or you can go for your bachelors degree & go to OCS for a commission. If you don't plan on going to college because you can't afford it you can enlist in the Army (your JROTC will get you a higher initial rank) & go to school after you get out on the government's expense.

Courtney_G2012 (not verified)
Yeah i am thinking about

Yeah i am thinking about joining before i go to school but im not totally sure. ive found a college that has Jrotc program. can you tell me some of the requirements to be considered for joining?

MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
@ Courtney

You mean to say that you've found a college with ROTC not JROTC which is for high schools only & does not lead toward a commission.

Here are all the enlistment requirements -


Essentially if you're 17 with parent's permission or 18 without, a US citizen or legal alien, a high school graduate, no legal or medical problems, can pass the ASVAB with a minimum score of 31 & meet the height/weight standards you're eligible.