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I was looking at info tonight and just had a couple of questions. I measured my height and I came to 66.5 inches. My maximum weight limit is 163 and the body fat percentage is 22. I currently weigh 210-220 but don't know my body fat percentage. What would happen if I were to try and enlist at this weight? I have read up on it and the info says that action would be taken if I'm overweight and if my body fat percentage is not what it is supposed to be. What action would exactly be taken?

My other question is about college. I am enrolled at Illinois State University and don't start classes till August 15 I believe. What would happen if I went into an office and said that I wanted to join? Would I be put in the ROTC program or what?

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MSG Glenn
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@ joseph21

You have to meet the height/weight requirements to enlist. I suppose if you're close then a Recruiter might start working with you.

You don't want to enlist in the Army right now if you're just starting your Freshman year. If you sign up you have about a year that you can stay in Delayed Entry. At this time with a normal enlistment it's taking from about 5 - 7 months to ship to basic training unless you have to finish a semester or get a high school diploma. Then it's up to about a year maximum.

You have to actually enroll in your school's ROTC program. I suggest that you give them a call & ask how you would go about that. I wouldn't wait too long because the Military Science classes can fill fast. A Recruiter has nothing to do with ROTC.