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before i realized the weight requirment i was worried about the asvab test. I have taken practice asvab tests and have worked hard and feel verry good about the test now. Now for a week I have been trying to work out and get down to the weight i need to be I want to better myself for my family. But to me it seems as though I finish working on one thing and theres another I need to work on. I feel that this is worth it, but now I feel that it is more of a job to get in. I dont know the best way to lose weight quicker, I dont have time to be waiting for months, the economy is so bad, could someone give me advise of what to do.

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
RE: National Guard Enlistment

I'm not too sure that the Army Guard is the right place to be because of the economy. That's only a part-time job - one weekend a month & two weeks of annual training a year. If you already have a job then it'll be a nice addition to your income. You'll of course be on active duty for the time it takes to complete BCT & AIT & get paid just the same as someone who is in the Active Duty Army.

As far as losing weight I can offer but a few suggestions. Obviously you'll have to eat sensibly & do plenty of exercizing. Stay away from fats & sugars & definitely limit junk food. Push-ups, sit-ups & running at least 2 miles every other day along with that diet will usually do the trick. Once you get into shape you can run every day with a 5-miler thrown in once a week. You'll have to go easy at first. Don't go on any fad diets & overdo the exercizing.

Contact an Army National Guard Recruiter. He can start you off & let you know what jobs are available. Don't go to a Recruiting Office, though. They only deal with Active Army & Army Reserve. The Guard has their own Recruiters. Jobs are normally limited in the Reserve Components. You'll have to choose an MOS that the unit has on their manning charts & has openings. In other word if you'd like to get in Aviation for example & the local unit has no Aviation assets you won't be able to go in that field.

Don't completely dismiss the Army Reserve or the Active Army. You can get a contract as short as 2 years plus the training time you need for BCT & AIT. During that time you'll have a steady job with benefits & you can go into the Guard or Reserve after your Active Duty time is over & revert to part-time. Some Guard units have the possibility of being an Active Duty Guardsman & work right at the unit but normally you have to be a SGT or above to apply & you have to be in an MOS that's needed for Active Duty Guard, many times administration jobs. A Guard Recruiter can explain everything to you.