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So I am an Explorer at my local police department. I would like to go into the military and afterwards, the Police Academy; however, I am not too sure as to what branch of the military is right for me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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MSG Glenn
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I can only give you the example of my son. He went into the Army with a Ranger contract soon after graduating from HS. He had 5 combat deployments to Iraq & Afghanistan. When he left active duty after 4+ years as a SSG Squad Leader he remained in the Army Reserve & went to school to get an associates degree in Criminal Justice. By that time there were openings in the Police Academy & when he finished that he became a patrol officer & after several years there were openings in the Tactical Enforcement Unit, what we call SWAT. He made the selection & is now in TEU & loves it.

I don't think branch of service really makes much of a difference. If your PD gives points to Vets for entry to the Academy then you'll get them. I know some of the Academy Instructors & they told me they prefer those who apply be Combat Arms & they also prefer that the recruit not have been in Military law enforcement. That has no bearing on selection, though. If they pass the entrance exam for the next class they're in. The Instructors feel that Combat Arms soldiers have more discipline & many times they become class leaders & catch on to the training faster. That's just their opinions & has nothing to do with department or Academy policy. They also feel that former MPs have to be retrained from Military law enforcement to our department's way of enforcing. They admit that they have absolutely no prejudice against former MPs.

So I feel that it makes no difference which branch of service or what job you held. Choose the one that offers you what you feel is the best deal & gives you the job you want. Maybe an enlistment bonus will make you decide. Shop around. I can recommend the Army of course but I also served my first 6 years in the Navy.

Good luck & I'll be here for any questions you may have. Bear in mind that your first source of answers should be a Recruiter. He'll have the latest policies on recruitment available & which jobs are open at that time. Keep me updated.