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I'm gathering information for a friend's son who does not have Internet access.
An Army recruiter visited his high school and told him that he could get training in veterinary medicine in the Army. In checking the MOS listing, the only veterinary MOS I can find is for an officer position. The qualifications require a degree in vet medicine.
Is there an MOS for any other veterinary jobs?

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MSG Glenn
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@ MikeeeD

There are two enlisted MOSs that are involved with veterinary. Try Googling MOS 68R, Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist & 68T, Animal Care Specialist. My guess is those two MOSs might be hard to get. I don't think there are very many Soldiers that have them in the Army.

I suggest that your friend's son should contact a Recruiter & get the ball rolling soon. MOSs with a low population have training scheduled only a few times a year as opposed to something like Infantry which has schools starting all the time year round.